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Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis of Embryos developed by IVF or ICSI

PGD is a procedure performed on embryos prior to implantation. It consists of extracting one or two cells from the embryo at the cleavage stage. The cells are screened in order to detect a specific genetic disease or chromosome abnormalities. The embryos continue to culture up to blastocyst stage. After evaluation of the cells, embryos which do not present any abnormality are transferred to the uterus. The non-viable embryos are discarded.

PGD is appropriate in the following cases:

  • One or both partners are carriers of a hereditary genetic disease.
  • One or both partners are carriers of a genetic condition. For example, translocations (chromosomal abnormalities), inversions (of chromosomes), etc.
  • Repeated failure of conventional in vitro fertilization or ICSI. 
  • Frequent miscarriages.


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