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Endometrial therapy with intra-uterine introduction of PRP

What does PRP stand for?
Growth factors or Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) are soluble protein substances comprised within the platelets. They stimulate cells that get involved in the formation of other tissues, their healing and revitalization, as well as bone regeneration.

Who is this treatment recommended for?
In IVF and Egg Donation treatments, this technique is particularly advisable for women who have not obtained an optimal endometrium in previous treatments. The endometrium is an essential factor for embryo implantation and pregnancy.

How is the treatment performed?
It is the gynaecologist who sets the appropriate date for the treatment with PRP. The process lasts approximately one hour:
✓ Taking a blood sample (2 to 8 ml).
✓ Separation of red blood cells and serum by centrifugation, and then collection of platelet concentrate.
✓ Introduction of PRP in the uterus by means of a syringe. This quick and painless process is done at the doctor ́s practice.

Which are the effects?
As platelets are placed in the endometrium, they release growth factors and stem cells that improve the regeneration of tissues with minimal risk of infection or allergy.
Thanks to the active growth factors and the released cytokines, this treatment improves the uterine mucosa (endometrium) favouring the embryo implantation.