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Helping to Create Families Since 1980

Assisted Reproduction

Real-time observation of the embryos

Time-lapse at no extra cost

Also at your age you can experience a successful pregnancy

Egg donation programme for

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women up to 54 years old

Surgical team specialized in gynecological endoscopy

Surgical unit

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Experience and Quality

40 years of experience in Gynecology and Assisted Reproductive Treatments. ISO9001 Quality Certification

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Fertility Treatments

Starting at 4000 Euros; IVF and Egg Donation with anonymous donors. No Waiting lists and high success rates. Fertility Preservation.

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Personalised Care

Each patient is different and you are not just a number. Our team assesses each case individually and ensure we really understand you to offer the right options.

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Latest Technology

Timelapse Incubator free in all our IVF treatments. Own fertility lab onsite which leads to higher success rates.

Why us?

10 Reasons to Choose Manzanera Fertility Clinic

1. Top quality at affordable prices

Our clinical method has been carefully developed, paying attention to every single detail that can help us to improve our results, undertaking a detailed due diligence of each treatment because we want you to have the highest chances of getting pregnant.

2. Time-Lapse Technology included in the price

The Manzanera Fertility Clinic offers to the patients, with no additional costs, the embryo culture in Time-Lapse incubators, where we can monitor the embryos development 24/7 and provide higher success rates. 

3. Over 25 years of experience

Helping local and international patients to undergo fertility treatments. Our long experience and our specialists’ commitment allow us to get optimal results.

4. Personalized treatments

At the Manzanera Fertility Clinic we know that every patient is different. Our medical team will carefully evaluate your medical history and advice on the right treatment to support the best possible outcome for you.

5. Free travel planning assistance

The friendly staff of our International Department will help you plan your trip and accommodation with no additional cost. In order to improve your travel experience we have negotiated highly competitive prices in local accommodation exclusively available to our patients, and we offer an affordable taxi service that can take you directly to our Clinic from the main airports in Spain.

6. Excellent customer service

Our goal is to make you feel at home throughout your treatment. We know that undergoing a fertility treatment may cause anxiety and doubts, so please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are here to help. Our staff will be available to assist you in anything you need.

7. No waiting lists

At The Manzanera Fertility Clinic you can start the treatment at your best convenience. You can choose the date of your first appointment and start your treatment straight away if you want. Moreover, the first appointment is free of charge, so you will have the opportunity to visit the clinic and meet our specialists before making a decision.

8. Ongoing assistance

You can contact the Clinic to clarify any doubt you may have regarding the treatment you are undergoing.

9. We are ISO 9001 Certified

Which guarantees our quality. We are also members of prestigious national and international fertility associations, such as SEF, ANACER and ESHRE.

10. Our Location

The Manzanera Fertility Clinic is located in La Rioja, a quiet place, well-known for its cuisine and delicious wines. Your stay in this picturesque region will be a wonderful experience. The clinic is in the city center, close to the bus and train station, so that it will make your travel easier.


The Manzanera Fertility Clinic was founded over 30 years ago by Doctor Gregorio Manzanera.  The Clinic is the result of many years of dedication to medical assistance in the region of La Rioja.  It has a forward-looking approach and offers a wide spectrum of assistance in gynaecology and assisted reproduction that is technologically advanced and guaranteed.

The Manzanera Fertility Clinic represents the most advanced gynaecological and reproductive medical centre in La Rioja and is considered a national point of reference.

Years of experience have made it possible for the Manzanera Fertility Clinic to offer the highest standards of patient care and reproductive health services in a modern and comfortable clinic.  We have our own operating room and offer extensive reproductive assistance (for example, in vitro fertilisation (IVF), intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and a quality of service that competes with any other national or European fertility clinic.

We pride ourselves on providing a personal service to our patients; your needs are our priority.

Our Centre includes an operating theatre which is available for external medical specialists who are able to perform a variety of outpatient surgical procedures. The Centre`s fertility treatments are offered in compliance with the highest quality standards of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO 9001 certified). The Manzanera Medical Centre also offers a full range of gynaecological services including pregnancy monitoring, the menopause, osteoporosis, incontinence, etc.

Today, the Manzanera Medical Centre maintains its commitment to service excellence to our local and foreign patients with the same intensity of the past 30 years. I personally pledge our renewal to this commitment for the future, with the assurance that we will introduce new, quality services in the field of gynaecology and assisted reproduction.