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  • Following on from my success in 2015 I returned to Logroño and the Manzanera clinic for a further cycle using my frozen embryos and to hopefully give my son a sibling. I had no concerns about the treatment as the team were on the ball to ensure my body was prepared which is sometimes a worry for patients having treatment in another country. I forwarded any tests or scans by email to Giorgia and had a quick response if I needed to change anything.
    I was looking forward to returning to the clinic and seeing the team and also for my break in Logroño. It’s a beautiful area with as little or as much as you would want to do. We made our own way to the clinic via Bilbao and the travel information that was forwarded from Giorgia was excellent. We stayed at the Hotel Carlton where I stayed previously as it’s just around the corner from the clinic. It’s a lovely hotel and not far from the centre of Logroño. We went at the beginning of September and had really good weather which made the days wandering around and relaxing even better. I had my treatment and then spent the next day relaxing before returning to Bilbao for our flight home.
    I had a positive pregnancy test on the 25/9 and I am sitting here with my baby boy who was born on 21/5. I have completed my family I have 2 beautiful boys thanks to the fantastic team at Manzanera clinic.
    I would have no hesitation in recommending this clinic they have given me 2 miracles and proved that dreams really can come true.
    Thank you so much X

  • We are so happy to have found the clinic Manzanera. From the very first contact they have been professional, caring and kind, and have made us feel welcome and relaxed. We both have busy work lives and they worked with us is spite of us being abroad, unlike the other centres we had tried before. They made us feel relaxed and hopeful and I am sure that this has really helped our pregnancy! But we want to say that we felt so well looked after that we would have written all of the above even if we had not been successful, and would have tried again with them!! Now we have a beautiful baby boy. We will never be able to thank them enough for giving us this great joy!

    Now we have a beautiful baby boy
    Now we have a beautiful baby boyUK
  • Ricorrere all’ovodonazione è stata una scelta molto difficile e sofferta… quanti dubbi girano in testa! Ma poi il desiderio di allargare la famiglia ha vinto su tutto e siamo finiti in Spagna, alla clinica Manzanera : un anno fa stavamo preparando i bagagli e ora abbiamo una splendida polpettina sorridente che si sveglia insieme a noi ! Grazie per la gentilezza e la delicatezza con cui ci avete aiutato e sostenuto, grazie per la professionalità e l’attenzione con cui ci avete seguito dal punto di vista medico.

    Grazie per la gentilezza
    Grazie per la gentilezzaItaly
  • Si vous saviez comme nous sommes heureux de vivre cette grossesse. C’est au-delà de la joie. En plus, 2 enfants c’est merveilleux. Nos familles sont aussi enchantées. Nous ne remercierons jamais assez le hasard qui nous a mis en contact avec votre clinique, mais également cette femme qui nous a fait don de ses ovocytes. En France, cette situation est tabou et j’entends encore des femmes de 45 ans et plus suivre des traitements contre l’infertilité sans qu’on évoque devant elles, le don d’ovocyte. Je parle de notre situation sans entrer dans les détails, pour leur expliquer l’intérêt d’un tel don. Je pense que nous avons un travail à faire sur ce point dans mon pays.

  • The Manzanera Clinic provided us with an excellent experience of fertility treatment (IVF with egg donation). My partner and I decided early in 2016 to try for another baby even though we were both 53 at the time and I was post-menopausal. We did quite a lot of research and decided that the Manzanera Clinic sounded the most accessible both geographically (we live in the UK) and in their approach to the treatment. The whole process was very simple, clear, and extremely well organised. We went over for three trips in total. Our first attempt was not successful (two embryos were put in), so we had to wait another month or so before we tried again with the third embryo that we had decided to have vitrified ‘just in case’. The drugs are inexpensive compared to the UK, and the whole experience was easy! I can highly recommend the Manzanera Clinic. Our second attempt has resulted in a beautiful baby boy (born in February 2017) – and we cannot believe how lucky we are! He is perfect. I gave birth to him when I was 54 after a very good pregnancy. This also shows how thorough the Clinic’s assessment procedure is in screening for suitability of egg recipients. I am very lucky to have been healthy enough at my age to have carried another baby and our delight at the outcome, made possible by the Manzanera Clinic, is immeasurable. Thank you to all the team at Manzanera Clinic!

    Thank you to all the team at Manzanera Clinic!
    Thank you to all the team at Manzanera Clinic!UK
  • “Bonjour je suis une femme de 42 ans célibataire. J’ai toujours eu un désir d’enfant mais mes relations n’ont jamais été très bonnes. Je me suis donc lancée dans une recherche d’insémination à l’étranger. Mes choix se sont portés sur l’Espagne et plus particulièrement sur le centre Manzanera. Pourquoi ? Car j’ai eu un super contact dès le début. J’ai toujours eu les réponses à mes questions. Et ça c’est important. J’ai donc choisi pour des raisons médicales de faire une fiv avec donneuse et donneur. Ma première tentative a été positive mais suite à un mauvais suivi en France j’ai fait une fausse couche. Ma deuxième tentative a été négative. Et enfin ma troisième tentative a été positive puisque je suis enceinte de jumeaux une fille et un garçon. Le choix du roi. La clinique et plus particulièrement Charlotte m’ont aidé avant mon séjour mais m’ont aussi aidé à réserver mon hôtel pour mon séjour et à me renseigner sur les différents transports. Ce qui est pour ma part un stress en moins il faut le dire. J’ai eu également des conseils pour vivre cette expérience du mieux et j’ai eu un très grand soutien. Merci beaucoup à eux car sans eux ma vie ne serait pas ce qu’elle est. ”
    Sinon tout va bien. Les loulous bougent bien et dimanche j attaquerai mon 6 mois. Encore merci pour tout ce que vous avez fait. Merci beaucoup S.

    Merci beaucoup
    Merci beaucoupFrance